My Tv told me to F Off…

The TV has basically told me tonight that ‘enoughs enough and to F off to bed’. Okay, well if it could speak, that’s what it would’ve said! I’m sitting here all comfy in my PJs half watching/listening to the TV and half reading a book. After a good hour of enjoying the sound of the TV and becoming intrigued in the chapters of my book, it suddenly goes quiet. TOO quiet. So i look around and the TV is off! Miffed, (i don’t believe in Ghosts,well, i do a tiny bit) turn the TV back on. Half an hour later, i notice that the screen says something along the lines of ‘the TV will automatically shut off when not in use’. Sooo, does this mean i need to flick the volume every now and then to let my TV know that i am still in the room?! I mean, how does the TV know if my film has finished? Is this Auto Off meant for lazy people that can’t be arsed to switch their TV off when they leave the room, or for people that fall asleep in front of it? Well, i do neither of these things so my TV better stop stereotyping me as a lazy/fall-asleep person.

How funny Technology is today. I mean, my hair straighteners often switch themselves off after a while, they have an excuse. Sometimes i DO forget to switch them off and risk burning the house down.

Plus, it’s also scaring me. The music videos are playing with no sound, then loud bagpipes will come from the speakers making me jump out my skin! Think this channel has poor signal, i need to change it before i do start believing in ghosts.

Anyways, i just thought i’d share my little experience of tonight. Now, i’ll go back to half reading, half watching/listening to TV, and go to bed when I WANT, not when the TV wants me to.

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