Happy endings….

I have watched Prison Break for 4 Seasons running. Well, I held off watching Season 4, purchased it on DVD and now watched it through to the end some couple years later. I followed cute-sweet Michael Scofield all the way through whilst he saved lives, done all he could and made the show as entertaining as ever! Having devoted my every Sunday night for months and months to watch, Michael died in the end! And I cried. I’m ashamed to admit that tears came out and i sobbed!

All I wanted was a happy ending for Michael! Well, as far as that goes, i still loved Prison Break and Wentworth Miller is a legend!

Now, I get why we just love happy endings! Romantic endings, endings where the couple find one another, or the hero saves the day, or the lost pet gets found. Life is bad enough as it is, so it cheers us up to see a happy ending and for it to work out for some, (fiction or not.)

So, all those Romance Writers out there, I salute you! Nothing better than a slushy read or film to cheer us up when we’re feeling crappy.

happy endings all the way !

Hasta luego mi amigos!

And now, I’m in the Airport, en route to England to visit my family so I’m a very happy chica. Meanwhile, in Ibiza, the Island is getting busier, the Clubs are filling up nicely and the weathers getting hotter! ✈


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2 Responses to Happy endings….

  1. sheryl says:

    I love hun carnt wait 2 read more xxx

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