Grass is greener syndrome

How many people end relationships, quit there job, move away for someone or something better? A lot, that’s what. We dwell over a substitute lifestyle wondering ‘what if’, wanting more to life and are left feeling unsatisfied with what we have.

Sometimes, we don’t realise that the image/fantasy we created in our mind could be very different from the reality of it. No matter who you’re with you will experience good times and bad times and arguments. Before you pack your partner in, think about what you’re truly looking for, as the key to happiness lies within yourself. A pro and con list works wonders.

This also applies to dreaming about a life elsewhere, perhaps abroad, or a different career path. Imagine yourself already there. No matter where we run away to in the World, there will always be problems, the bad and good times.

The grass can always appear greener, but they do say ‘the grass is greener where you water it!’ and ‘sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bullshit.’

My own example comes from working in a Solicitors Firm as a Trainee Legal Executive with my very own Secretary. I enjoyed it and the pay wasn’t too bad. However, after studying Law for 5 years, then working within the Firm for another 5 years, i wasn’t truly content. I worried about my studies, hard work and efforts going to waste if i quit. Then i told myself this quote, which i always go by:

‘Its better to regret the things you did do, than the things you didn’t do.’

If i moved abroad, also me fantasising about sunshine, walks on the beach etc, i wouldn’t have much of a Career. I cant speak Spanish just yet. So, it was remain in the UK with my job, car, friends in the miserable depressing rain wanting more, or move away to no career, not many friends but be somewhere hotter, nicer and taking a risk with someone i liked. I chose the latter.

Some days I wonder where ill be in 10 years time and so on, but life’s too short to worry. I’ve now been back 6 months, have a couple of friends and on my way to learning Spanish.

So, write your pro and con list, put your all into your current relationship, job and life, count your blessings and if you’re really not happy, change it. ‘The key to happiness lies within yourself.’ ‘Do a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ ‘Its better to regret the things you did do, than the things you didn’t do.’

I once read a book on what our purpose is in life, and it said, its to find happiness. So find it and don’t settle! ❤

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