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Ah what it’s like to be working a season in Ibiza. Let me advise you that although you are ‘slumming it’ as such and living on scarcely any money, it’s the best experience ever!! & Ibiza is amazing! As previously mentioned, there are over 40 breathtaking beaches, the famous sunset at Cafe Del Mar, the epic clubs, nightlife and music! And the other workers that you meet, of course! šŸ˜

There are advantages and disadvantages everywhere you go in the world. Heres a little summary of what life is like for the majority of Ibiza workers.

We lived on noodles, bread, alioli, pasta, bacon, eggs, beans etc almost every day! Cuz it was the cheapest food in the shops, quick to cook & the restaurants were too expensive! Yes, we treated ourselves once a week (maybe less) and ate out, but the diet was pretty poor.

Lack of sleep. Some people lived in workers blocks which were complete party pads! Although a lot of people rented apartments in the quiet streets, a bit out the way from all the commotion. The pro of a workers block is the parties that happen, the con is the lack of sleep! Es Pon was a popular block in San Antonio however it’s now closed. Es Vedra & Las Pyramides are worker’s blocks also in San An, both with a swimming pool šŸ‘

More pros of being an Ibiza worker are the discounts and freebies. Last year i had a Together band allowing me free entry to Amnesia every Tues, a Sankeys band & Cream band. Entrance to clubs can cost between 25e to 50e a ticket so having a band is amazing.

This year I have a band granting me access to Ushuaia every Saturday, and on selected days entry to Privilege, Es Paradis, Santos Beach Club, Sankeys & discounts to Zoo Project, & Space. Awesome or what?!

The ‘Ibiza workers’ band sold for 3e & Linekers & whatever else bands also entitle you to prices off drinks, so overall they’re not bad either.& Burger King do a mini ‘workers meal’ for a reasonable price.

Also, if you have friends that work in clubs you can be put on the guest list to places, such as i have a friend at Ibiza Rocks and Ocean Beach Club, which is great! They do say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know :p

Things that suck about being a worker in Ibiza is no English TV, but lets be serious, nobody’s there to watch TV lol! No proper/strong internet connection, unless you find the right sim card for your mobile (Yoigo & Lebara are good), no decent crisps such as Walkers and no decent squash unless you walk to the British Supermarket in the Bay, these are rarely sold anywhere else. It sells a lot of English food such as pot noodles, waffles, marmite, yorkshire puddings, Cadburys chocolate, ribena! And theres a cafe in San An which does a Sunday roast, it’s called Freddies! MMM! šŸ˜ & it plays only fools and horses on the TV so you feel right at home (:

Another bar on the Westend where you’ll feel at home is The Boozer, run by a cockney man called John. It really does feel like being in an ordinary pub in London.

You meet many people whilst in Ibiza. The escapists seeking a substitute lifestyle, those who have nothing to stay in the UK for or fancy a change, the party animals, those who fancy a life in the sun etc. I met so many different unique characters in 2012!

I had crazy room mates, non stop partying room mates, messy room mates to psycho room mates! It was definitely an experience to say the least. I stayed in small rubbish apartments where the shower leaked and i saw a cockroach at one time, but i also stayed in modern spacious new apartments too, one with a huge balcony with a stunning sunset view.

Jobs are long hours and not the best pay. Well, if its commission and you’re not exactly putting in enough effort. If its fixed pay, its usually quite decent depending on the job. I had many different jobs over the summer.

Workers take full advantage of their summer in Ibiza and do a lot more tanning, sleeping and partying than they would back at home. It doesn’t feel like reality if i’m honest, i was rarely ever on top of the news around the World, and sometimes i didn’t even know what day it was let alone date it was! This was purely because we didn’t need to know for it didn’t matter. As long as we knew what time to start work, all was fine.

The connection is great. The workers feel like one big family and get used to seeing one another on a daily/nightly basis. There’s a Workers party held every year. Its a fancy dress theme. The best dressed wins a prize and usually a spot in the Ibiza Sun paper. Most workers are creative and make their own costumes like i did. I went as Katy Perry in ‘California girls’ with blue hair (: šŸ˜ Pic below.

Literally, anything can happen in Ibiza and theres always something going on, day or night. You can meet friends for life, enemies, have flings, meet someone special, secure a job, maybe fall in love and never return (like me).. ā¤

Crazy trends catch on each year. Some brill fashions, however some horrendous ones! Check my other post regarding ‘Ibiza Fashions.’

So, here’s a few pictures of life in Ibiza for the workers: the apartments, the food, the club or workers discount bands, the workers blocks etc.

P.s It’s definitely an experience that’s for sure, and a good one!!








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