Are bad boys going out of fashion?

Ok, why do many women like a bad boy? I understand that some women like excitement, unpredictability, fun etc.. But if you’re trying to tame a bad boy, accept a) the shit that goes with it b) the fact that he will be bad, i.e sometimes treating you bad & c) he will only change when he wants to, not when you want him to, & some cases it might be never.

Women grow up watching villains & kick ass hero’s! So, that’s what some women want & expect. If you like any of the following, then you’ve got the bad-boy-attraction-syndrome:

>Edward Norton, American History X
>Johnny Depp, Public Enemies
>Tom Hardy, Bronson
>Eric Banner, Chopper
>Ryan Phillippe, Cruel Intentions
>Jason Statham,
>Jonathan Rhys Meyers, The Tudors
>Joaquin Phoenix, We own the night

You may get the excitement but you’ll also get all the crap that comes with it such as broken promises, being stood up, feeling unwanted, being messed around etc,& you go back for more as you want what you can’t have & the perks of hopefully taming him one day. However they are bad for a reason, meaning selfish & only caring about themselves until they are ready to settle down. Some of them may never change even after you’ve got him, like being unfaithful. Don’t ever let a bad boy play with your emotions & make you chase him, that you’re grateful to have him, & that you should put up with his bad behaviour. Chemistry fades in the end the majority of the time, so if you’re not being treated right, forget them. Don’t be someones option when you can be someone’s priority! & don’t waste your time chasing bad boys when you could be spending time with good guys!

At least a good guy will treat you right. Respect, love & honesty beats excitement any day! Here are some good guys, cuz yes, bad boys ARE going out of fashion, (except in movies but that’s different!) lol!

>R-Patz, Twilight
>Ryan Gosling, The Notebook
>Michael Scofield, Prison Break,

And the same goes for men. Yes, you are just as bad. They grow up watching kick-ass chicks & porn & probably expect a bit of this too. The ultimate bad girls are as follows:
>Angelina Jolie
>Christina Aguilera
>Jenna Jameson
>Megan Fox

P.S I’d love to hear opinions on this. & my list ISN’T finished so keep checking back 😁

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