Tips On Working Abroad

OK, if you have ever contemplated asking your boss for five months sabbatical leave to travel, actually quit your job (like me), or just want out,to seek a substitute lifestyle, explore the world, or live somewhere nice and HOT for a while, look no further than here.

There is no age limit on travelling, we only get one life. And remember:

‘It’s better to regret the things you did do, than the things you didn’t do!’


1. Save, save, save! The more money that you have, the better position you will be in. You will need to pay for your flights, book a hostal/hotel straight away, and buy food and drinks. Not to mention, paying rent/deposit once you’ve found an apartment.
2. Ask your boss to consider granting you sabbatical leave. Write a letter/email stating as much as you really love your job, you feel that you have reached a point in your life where you’d like to do a bit of travelling, and why you would like to return to your job. If it’s refused, quitting is the only other option. I chose not to let employment hold me back, no matter how long i had attended College studying, and even got a promotion.
3. Do your research! Check if there are FB group pages, forum’s etc to start talking to other people wishing to do the same. Look for possible roommates. You can also look for apartments online, email the landlord, however i’d be careful about paying a deposit before you’re there. (Try to arrange meeting in person once you’ve landed, and always get a receipt.)
4. Buy a book and try to learn the language! Well, some of the basics. This will open several doors for you.
5. When you land, attend bars/cafes/events etc to meet friends/roommates. Again, don’t rush this! Be wise! You don’t want to end up living with someone you can barely stand, or may steal from the apartment, or being a lot of people back.
6. Ask the staff in bars/cafes/internet shops if they know of any recruitment days/where to apply for jobs/apartments. Many will have noticeboards advertising work/jobs.
7. Ensure that you have at least fifteen copies of your CV with your mobile number stated. A photograph at the top may also help. Hand them out everywhere!
8. Spend wisely! Don’t blow your savings/wages on sightseeing/shopping/partying. You’re there for five months or more, and could lose your job at any minute. Look for cheap supermarkets to save money, shop there for food and drinks.
9. If you’re seeking work in Spain, attend the Police Station and ask for a form to apply for an NIE number. (Equivalent of a National Insurance number.) You will receive an appointment date to return with completed form/passport, whereby it will be stamped. You attend the bank, paying something like 11e. Back at the Police Station, you will then receive your NIE card, which lasts forever. MOST jobs require you to have an NIE number, however, some may employ you without.
10. Shop around. Look for workers drink discounts/workers bands entitling you to cheaper drinks/club entrance. Make friends that can get you on the guest list for certain clubs. Sometimes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
11. Be careful! You’re in a Foreign Country. Stick with your friends, don’t get in a state whereby something bad could happen to you. Don’t hang round with the wrong crowd, and don’t get in illegal taxi’s!

Most of all, go and have the time of your life!

Any questions, please comment. I’m more than happy to help.

I wanted a change, wanted to try something new, live somewhere hot, so quit my job to work abroad. Had hoped to do a Season in Ibiza, work and save and visit Thailand and Australia. However, i’ve never left Ibiza and i’m still here! I had the best season ever! Traveling and exploring can happen at any age! And it’s not only for those with nothing going for them back at home. I worked in a Solicitors as a Trainee Legal Executive, had my own Secretary, was driving, had rented a house for a couple of years, had a good social life and friends.

I was bored. I wanted a change. I went for it. It’s as simple as that.

I’m pleased to say that i have visited: France, Greece, Italy, Mallorca, Tenerife, Magaluf, Ibiza, Romania, and soon to be, Barcelona.

I hope to check out Formentera, Madrid and America in the future! (:


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