It’s okay to not know, give it all a go….

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

It’s the question we are all asked. Some people know what they want to be. They have a passion for a particular job, and this never changes as they get older. Fireman, policeman, vet, teacher, florist. The majority of them go on to work in these professions, and are extremely happy in their jobs.


What if you don’t know what you want to be? What if you study for years for a particular job, only to find out that it’s not quite what you wanted after all? Is all hope lost. No, it most definitely isn’t!

We all have to test the water at some point, so treat each bad job as ‘experience.’ We won’t know what we like and what job we suit in, if we don’t try several out first. Never give up. If you’re happy in your job, great. If you’re not, change it! It’s never too late. Career changes happen at all ages, whether it’s leaving a firm for a slightly better one, higher pay, nicer colleagues/boss, or whether it’s a new job entirely, a completely different path, take the risk. You don’t want to be slumped over your desk in 10 years time wishing you’d made the plunge and risked it. There’s no time like the present.

If it’s proving difficult to get a new job in the field that you desire, (experience, qualifications, blah blah), then perhaps try going for Intern jobs/work experience. Get your foot on the ladder, even if it’s unpaid work at first. You have to start somewhere! There’s nothing wrong with starting off small, with a job you cannot stand for a few weeks/months to get those qualifications on your CV!

Before fame, take these celebrities below for example:-

Harry Styles used to work in a bakery before his 1D days, Beyonce swept hair from her mother’s salon, Lady Gaga was a waitress, Carrie Underwood was a cashier at a petrol station, Madonna was a Dunkin Doughnuts cashier, Rachel McAdams worked at McDonald’s, Megan Fox worked in a smoothie shop dressed as a banana, Johnny Depp made ends meet by selling ballpoint pens!

In my own experience, I left school with my GCSE’s, studied Law at college for five years, then worked in a Solicitors Firm for another five years. Two as a Legal Secretary, and three as a trainee Legal Executive, handling clients cases, preparing and submitting court papers for deadlines, attending court, interviewing possible fraudulent clients etc. However, after a while,  a lot of people who worked at my firm felt unappreciated, weren’t happy with pay not reflecting their hard working skills, and felt that there was no room for further development. After a while, I, myself, decided to quit.

When I was younger, I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher or a writer. So, not only did I quit my job, but I left the country too. I had always fancied taking a gap year out, or to try working abroad for a while, get a taste of different culture, a substitute lifestyle if you will. In May 2012 I moved to the beautiful Balearics, Ibiza! Guess what? I’m still here now!

Yes, it’s scary. I worried for months whether I had given up on a good career, whether I wasted 5 years studying for nothing and if I’d made the right choice. At the moment, I cannot speak fluent Spanish, yet! I have no job, a boyfriend, but not a big amount of friends like I was used to in England, but so what? I’m back writing, the thing that has always been my number one passion, I’m learning another language, and I’m seeking work.

There’s a quote which I will leave you with, in respect of your life, career, relationships, etc….

‘It’s better to regret the things you do, than the things you didn’t do!’

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7 Responses to It’s okay to not know, give it all a go….

  1. steve massa says:

    I Think that your us a correct approach.. and probably Ibiza, the island that I love, is the place that permits to change the life, nice to meet u steve

  2. puppy1952 says:

    Keep reaching for your dream – you can be whatever you want to be. Good Luck

  3. Nice to meet you, too!

    And thank you, with hard work and determination, I believe that too 🙂 x

  4. Ibiza looks beautiful. Thank you for following my blog. I live on an island, but in the Gulf near South Texas. I will be following to read more. Nice job.

  5. donzwebb says:

    Hi Sophia! Thanks for checking out my blog.:) I just read through a couple of your posts and loved them! This post speaks right to me. I lost my job in film and tv about 6 months ago and had NO idea what I was gonna do after. But I’ve been volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society – helping plan their fundraising events. I helped plan a successful 5k walk and I’m now helping out with a huge event, Relay for Life! I had no fundraising/event planning experience before and now I do.:) I absolutely love that quote at the end of your post…it’s better to just DO because you never know what opportunities will come your way because you DID! I wish you all the best and I know you’ll find the PERFECT job when the time is right. – Donna

  6. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for sharing. Well done for volunteering to do charity work! That is so kind of you, and I know that it will be rewarding 🙂 Exactly, life is too short! We need to just get out there and give it a go. I have more inspirational quotes on my blog. Thank you for viewing, and I will keep checking yours for updates. Sophia x

  7. Thank you John, some part some parts of Ibiza are lovely. I will continue to read you blog. Thank you

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