Why do we care?

Why do we care so much about what other people think of us? It’s such a shame that we live in a judgemental society. People judge others based on: appearance, career, life decisions etc. And sometimes we find ourselves worrying about it. Worrying about what others may think of us. And sometimes we avoid certain situations, or change our mind on things due to this. But why?

If I listened to all the critical things that were said to me, and other peoples opinions, I wouldn’t be where I am today. There have been many times when I have allowed other people to manipulate me, or made me see things ‘their way’ for their own benefit. Isn’t it funny how most people are quick to notice and comment on your failures and setbacks, however when it comes to any success, praise is few and far between.

Why can’t people just be happy for one another? Support one another, even if they don’t necessarily agree with it. We’re all dealing with some sort of struggle in this life, whether it be finanical, relationship, illness, a loss etc without people adding salt to the wound. We should all allow others to lead their lives how they want to, providing they’re not hurting anybody.

You either get the nosey neighbour, a gossiping friend, two-faced people that just can’t help themselves, the preacher, or if you’re lucky, all of them!

But who are they to judge? They are not perfect. Nobody is. Who says that their way of living is the right one? Nobody is more superior than anyone else, (it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got! Tangible items mean sweet F all.) When we die, our graves look the same! No one is more important than another! We just chose different paths in life, that’s all! So before you judge somebody also, remember that!

Do what YOU want, and what makes you happy. Stop looking for approval from others. Trust yourself, and go with what you believe.

We will never be able to please everyone, and keep everyone happy, so there’s no point beating yourself up about it.

You only get one life. So enjoy it….

And stop caring what other people think!




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4 Responses to Why do we care?

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  2. Very true. I’m currently trying to push myself out of my comfort zone because I know I need to get past my worries and fears about how others see me. Sometimes I’m better at it than others but I’m moving forward. Baby steps. 😉

  3. glamorousbooks says:

    That’s great Katie. Try not to worry so much, if someone isn’t your partner, family, or closest friends, who cares what their opinions are. We worry about how people and the world see us, but we only get one life. Make the most of it, and do what you have to do – for YOU. x

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