Pass Along Questionnaire.

I was tagged by Samantha Priestley to answer the following questions to post on my blog, and tag another three authors/bloggers, so below are my answers, and Samantha’s answers on her blog:

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1. Favourite cliche: All good things come to those who wait. I truly believe this. Patience is a virtue!

 2. Poem known by heart: I don’t know any, which is quite bad Although, I can write poetry 🙂

3.  Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, cakes, reality TV shows, make-up, clothes…… The reason these pleasures make me feel guilty afterwards is because I have to have an excessive amount! If I open a packet of biscuits, I almost finish the pack, and make-up I have drawers full, and forever buying more, and clothes (some of which I still have tags on or wear once :/ !! 

4. The first record you bought: I used to do a bit of mixing when I was about 18, I had some Vinyl decks, (now have CDJ’s) and the very first record I had, which I will ALWAYS remember is: Dreaming – Arrola (Beltik remix.) You can have a little listen here, VERY Ibiza, even then!

The Spanish lyrics in English are: Let’s go play in the sun, everyday is a day for partying. 

5. The book that changed your life: The Secret/The Power/The Magic, all by Rhonda Byrne, How to Get Rich by Paul McKenna, What is Love, What is God. I love self-help and educational books. The Secret is on my bedside table, always. 

6. What’s your audition piece: I seriously can’t think of one! My mind has gone blank. 

7. Favourite film: I would be here forever if I listed all of my fave films. I LOVE watching films! Some of my faves, from the top of my head are Scarface, Goodfellas, Blow, The Great Gatsby (I cried!), Midnight Express (SO sad!), The Notebook, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Cruel Intentions, Terminator/s, Snatch, Fight Club, American Pie/s, Room 1408, The Shining, Gladiator (I cried!) Troy, Gangs Of New York, Shutter Island, Chopper, Bronson, Training Day…. There’s so many!

If you need a good film recommendation, check out my film page on

8. Favourite villain: Ooh. This is a good one. I was drawn to Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Arnie in Terminator 1, and Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator. They all played these parts brilliantly! 

9. Who would you like to play you in the film of your life: When I was blonde, I would have said Cameron Diaz, as I have so many ditzy bimbo moments! Now I’m brunette, maybe Sarah Jessica Parker, or Jennifer Aniston. Both strong characters, but vulnerable at the same time. I admire all of these actresses. 

10. Favourite hour of the day: The afternoon! About 12, sunbathing time! 😀

11. Do you have any irrational fears: Spiders! I am absolutely terrified of them! 

12. Recurrent dream: I don’t think I have reoccurring dreams, they usually differ each time. I really believe that your dreams mean something though. I had a weird dream once, I looked up the meaning, and it was exactly what I was going through in my life at that time. Freaky! 

13. What’s worth fighting for: Love, freedom, peace, family. 

14.   Signature dance: Harlem Shake. Only kidding! Although me and my sisters do have a signature song: Satisfaction! That brings back memories of a great holiday in Greece! So whenever that comes on, we have our dance. 

15. What’s your USP: I think I’m pretty good at giving advice. My friends always come to me if they need advice on anything. I’m also good at standing my ground, if it’s a debate, or I know I’m right, I will not back down! 

16. Money or sex. Money. You can attract/buy sex if you have money. LOL! Not like I would, though :p

17.  Apollo vs Dionysus: Apollo, the God of music, poetry, and prophecy. 

18. Dylan or Hendrix: Hendrix. 

19.  James Dean or James Steward: James Dean. 

20. Optimist or pessimist: Optimist, always!

21.  Minimalist or maximist: Somewhere inbetween. 

22.Grace Kelly or Grace Jones: Grace Kelly.

23. Lennon or McCartney: Lennon.

24.What’s your fancy dress: I love fancy dress, a good excuse to really dress up. Have been an American cop, a sexy secretary, sailor,  ‘moulin rouge/burlesque’ costumes, 1940’s Pinup girl, Katy Perry (California girls video) and more. 

Couple of oldschool pics!



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