How To Escape A Bad Date.

So, you’re on a date, and desperately want to get the hell out of there because of one, or all of the following reasons: he’s boring, he’s not your type, you’d rather be somewhere else or you’re thinking about someone else.

So, how do you ditch a date?

You could get them to ditch you. Be the worst date in the world by checking out other men, talking overly about an ex partner, bore them by discussing of work, or maybe even say something offensive, however not personal – don’t be that mean! LOL.

You could nip to the toilet, invite a friend (that has no shame) to pretend to

‘accidentally’ pop into the bar/club/place and get her to flirt with him, so that you can be offended by his behaviour and leave, or so that he no longer likes you, and she can dump him easier than you could have, having none of her contact details.

However, what if you don’t want to hurt their feelings and make it obvious? There are many excuses and tricks to end the date.

You can do the most popular trick of all. Get your friend or a family member to text you an emergency in an excuse to leave.

Or pretend that you have a curfew, such as an early start to work in the morning, an urgent task that needs attending to etc.

Pretend that you’re not feeling too well, and have a sudden headache or stomach

You could get drunk really fast and have no choice but to leave.

Or you could just be honest and tell him that you don’t feel any connection and that you’d rather just remain friends. You can even promise to set him up with a friend of yours that you’d feel he’d be more suited to.

So, there you have it.

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