The First Chapter

I have already posted information on ‘Writing The Crucial First Page’. If the first page doesn’t grab the reader immediately to want to turn the page, then you may have lost their interest, and your book being read.

I found writing the first paragraph, let alone the first chapter difficult, and changed it many times. I picked some books randomly, and saved the first page to share what hooked me to want to continue reading. Tip: When writing, it’s important to read a lot in the genre that your novel is.


I liked this as I instantly wanting to read more about the MC’s partner. Standing her up for a golf game is terrible, so although I don’t know much about the main character yet, I feel sorry for her. I also like the setting whereby two friends are chatting amongst themselves.


I love this authors style of writing straight away. The setting is described beautifully, and the MC’s appearance is so nicely inserted, without sounding forced. I want to know why the character is there, and what she’s so pleased about.

What If He’s The One – Kathy Jay


Brilliant prologue. Extremely engaging. Starting off with a scenario which can be relatable to many: realistic and awkward is brill. Already you’re introduced to three characters, what time of year it is, where they are, and what’s happening. I turned the page to see whether the MC was in a relationship, had a one night stand, drunkenly passed out. Many situations could have occurred, and this page makes you curious to know what’s going on.


This first chapter throws you straight into the deep end. The MC is facing a huge dilemma. It made me want to know why she wanted to call the wedding off, and how she felt about it. Great introduction.


This is another chapter that gets straight into it. Already we know how the character is feeling, and that shes faced with news she wasn’t expecting. Definitely page-turning.

Gemma Burgess – A Girl Like You


I loved this first chapter! Sets the setting perfectly, how the MC is feeling, and why. You immediately feel sorry for her. How could you not want to know what’s happened to her? It also has added humor at the same time. Great style of writing.



Love this easy-to-read style of writing. The settling, who the characters are, a little bit about them just flows together so well. Already, I felt a bit sorry for the MC as she was worrying about the mood he would wake up in. I wanted to turn the page to see why she was waking him, how he would react, and what happened next.



The way this story starts is great. The MC is cooking in the morning for a man. I wanted to know who the man was, and what their relationship was. I really liked the setting, and why two eggs would cause an issue. It’s unique and the style of writing is effortlessly easy to read.


I love the way Anna Lou sets the scene, so glamorous and captivating. It just pulls me in.


Again, Katie Agnew nails the first chapter.  I wanted to know who the girl was, the captivator, where she is and why. Hook-factor at its best.

Feel free to share the first page of your own novel or fave novel in the comments box.

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