Ending The First Crucial Chapter

My last post detailed writing the crucial first chapter / the introduction to your story to captivate readers. I provided examples of some great opening chapters from books I had read.

This post reveals how to end the first chapter and entice the readers. You need to give them a reason not to put the book down. A hook / cliffhanger may make readers want to turn the page, and continue reading your novel. Note: This doesn’t have to be a dramatic hook, and it isn’t mandatory, some books don’t have this, and they are just as interesting to read. I, myself, happen to like a hook, whereby curiosity gets the better of me, and I want to read more.

Give them something to look forward to! 

How to do this:

  • Raise tension / conflict
  • Introduce new problems
  • Perhaps reveal a new character, secret or event
  • Add a twist
  • Maybe end it with a question.
  • Pull the reader into the characters emotions, make them care for them
  • Use a killer last line if you can
  • Or dialogue – e.g ‘Sit down. There’s something I need to tell you.’

Here are some examples of chapter one endings which made me want to get to chapter two.

The Best Thing That Never Happened – Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice.


This definately makes me want to turn the page. I want to find out where the main character is heading to, and whether she will actually see Alex again.

A Girl Like You – Gemma Burgess.


I’m using this novel again, as I just love the ending to this prologue. It keeps you in suspense. I wanted to know who the man was that had rescued her, what had happened, and what was going to happen next. Brilliant example of a ‘hook.’

Wicked Wives – Anna Lou Weatherley


Love love this prologue ending! I was curious right away as to who had appeared on the scene with a gun, and why. It kept me hooked throughout. Not to mention the authors faultless writing style.

Wives V Girlfriends – Katie Agnew


Katie is the master at opening and closing a chapter! Her books never fail to hook the reader. The prologue is dramatic, and mysterious, it certainly doesn’t give to much away. Throughout the whole book you’re wondering who the girl in this scene is, and who had her captured and why. One of my fave books.

Hollywood Sinners – Victoria Fox


Another brilliant chapter ending  which has that hook-factor. The reader is instantly filled with curiosity wanting to know this characters secret.

Who are your fave authors or books that hooked you instantly? Share your fave closing chapters!

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