American flag flying in the wind

Confession: I’m obsessed with all things American & Americans – the accent, the culture, the shows etc… I wonder if there’s people who are like this about Brits :-/ Must be some….

Anyway, here’s the difference between Brits & Americans I have found online – & obviously it doesn’t apply to all:

Apparently Americans are more positive, & Brits complain too much. Lol! I don’t know many Brits that are over friendly to strangers, & ask if they’re having a great day, probably get thrown a strange look!

Americans are prouder of their Country, & more into sports.

Pubs vs bars.

They celebrate 4th July, we’ve got good old Paddy’s day & St George’s. (Any excuse for a piss-up) :p

And they go to town for Halloween, making a bigger fuss over it than Brits do.

Thanksgiving, whereas the only big hols we celebrate are Xmas & b’days.

Americans are apparently more loyal to their Universities – & getting into college is a massive deal – Harvard, Princeton, Yale etc. (My friends couldn’t wait to get out of school, & just get a job!)

Americans are less afraid of lawsuits, whereas Brits try to avoid them.

More swimming pools across America than in the UK. (Perhaps if they threw us a bit of sun, we’d have more)

Self-aggrandisation is more acceptable in America, they’re known to glorify things more. Brits are much more modest, often undervaluing more.

Getting drunk is more common in the UK? Whaaaat? A lunch-time drink, or pint on a Friday night is common.

Americans can learn to drive before Brits, but Brits are legal to drink younger than them.

Americans see dating as not much of a big deal, whereas some Brits hate the dating world, finding it awkward.

Sororities & fraternities, summer camps, spring break… ?

Prom is a big deal – I didn’t have Prom.

Difference in humour. Brits use sarcasm more.

Difference in speech:
Bangs – fringe.
Trash – rubbish.
Pants – trousers? Pants for Brits mean underwear.
Chips – crisps.
Soda – fizzy drink.
Elevator – lift.
Sidewalk – pavement.
The mall – Shops.

What do you think? Anything to add? I’d love to hear! Especially slang words…..!

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