Rock That Style!

As a Sons Of Anarchy obsessive, and loving the biker / rock chick style myself (sometimes), I will share what’s hot at the moment. The good thing about this type of fashion is that it will never go ‘out’ of fashion. There will always be a time and place for leather, studs, black clothing, bling, boots, etc, no matter what year we’re in. Some people were dressing like this in the late eighties / early nineties, and still are now.


It’s far too hot in the summer for me to put on a pair of ripped jeans, leather jacket, and studded ankle boots, so I will share how to achieve this look in the summer, without necessary layers.

Leather Jacket – This may be too hot during the winter, but there are sleeveless leather jackets for the cool nights, which can be teamed with almost anything. They come in a variety of styles, such as being covered in silver or gold studs, miniature skeleton heads, logo’s, fringed and more.


Boots – These can be ankle boots, or just below the knee. Again, these come in a wide selection of styles, such as studded, plain black, or decorated with pictures or bling. It’s not too hot to wear ankle boots with shorts, or a skirt, and as a lot of people in Ibiza drive scooters, it’s the perfect footwear. And even Dr. Martens.

Dresses – Black, white or grey are the best if you’re looking to achieve this look. Dresses again can be studded, fringed, covered in skeleton logo’s, the ‘evil eye,’ symbols, crosses and whatnot. Some dresses, like the one I have, are cotton, with a leather fitted belt across the waist, or the shoulders, giving it a bit of a rock edge.

SonsOfAnarchy logo

Jeans / leggings ‘ trousers – It’s too hot for them now, but in the winter, there are ripped styles, fringed, patterned, leather and more. Even if you can’t see yourself wearing leather trousers, I have a black pair of leggings with leather stripes down, and near the pockets, which look cool.

Vests / Crop tops – A plain black top goes with absolutely everything, so do crop tops, and oversized vests. Also, these can be loose clothing, perfect for the summer days. Again, there are a variety of styles in these tops.

Hooded jackets – These can only be worn in the winter in Ibiza. Hoodies can be plain, patterned or emblazoned with logo’s and words. They’re perfect to throw on with jeans, leggings or shorts.

Maxi dresses – There are some cool biker / rock chick dresses on the market now, again in many styles.

Handbags – These can be leather, fringed, patterned or covered in writing. A black bag can go with anything.

Accessories – You can find bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, nose rings, and the more the better. I have a leather ring with a skeleton head on, which is a cute little touch for any outfit. And I wear several earrings along my ears, of all styles, whether it’s silver studs or hoops. There are skeleton heads, the Hamsa hand, the ‘evil eye,’ crosses, pentagrams, and more. It’s usually best to stick to silver.

Belts – Studded, plain black, leather and more can be found online. Some even have a chain across.

rock1  rock3

If you want celebrity style inspiration, check out Audrina Patridge from the show The Hills, Jennifer Tallulah from show Gossip Girl, singer Gwen Stefani, model Kate Moss, and many more. Oh, and the whole cast of Sons Of Anarchy, of course! You will always see celebrities experimenting with this look. And you can wear a little something to represent this style, no matter what age.

All you need now is the Harley Davidson! Contributions for this are welcome! LOL! 😛

rock2 rock4

P.S As the tune says, Battleme- Hey, Hey, My, My – rock and roll will never die.


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