Show Up, Dress Up!

Dresses. You can’t really go wrong with them, can you? No matter what age, shape, or style, there are dresses to suit and flatter everyone. And don’t worry if you’re not a girly-girl, there are sporty dresses too.

Floaty dresses – In this heat, and humidity, they’re perfect. These dresses can be short, or even long maxi dresses. They come in various styles, such as off-the-shoulder, V-neck, plunge neckline, and more.


Tennis dresses – So it looks like tennis dresses are in fashion on the street. These are usually plain, with a buttoned collar, resembling an oversized polo shirt. They can also come in a tunic style, which clings to the body more. There are also stretch jersey styles, and sleeveless vest-type dresses. The majority of colours are white, navy, light blue, and red. These look quite sporty, and would go well with trainers, or flip-flops.

Wrap-over dresses – These are perfect for the Ibiza weather. They can be loose, or slightly tighter fitting, depending on how you fasten them.

T-shirt dresses – These are comfortable to wear, especially if they’re oversized. They can be worn in the day, with casual footwear, and a cap for an edgy casual look, or of a night teamed with a chunky necklace and heels.


Shirt dresses – The sleeveless shirt dresses can flatter most body shapes. These come
in many different colours, and styles.


Strapless dresses – These are my absolute favourite. They’re so comfortable. I hate straps, and belts, and fiddly things in this heat. Slipping on a strapless dress, baring your shoulders to still feel the slight breeze is perfect. These can be short or long dresses.

Tunics – The looser, the better. These can be plain, detailed, and come in many styles. They can be worn to cover up, and protect you from the sun, or with a plunging neckline, for a dressier look.


Playsuit dresses – These are brilliant for almost every occasion, and again come in various styles: patterned, plain, tight-fitting, loose-fitting etc.

When going out, slipping on a dress can be suitable for the day time, as well as the night. Teamed with some accessories, sparkly flip-flops / sandals, or heels, and you can go from casual to glam in an instant.

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