A Girl Like You Book Review

A Girl Like You – Gemma Burgess


Blurb: I’ve discovered the secret to successful singledom. I’m acting like a man. And it’s working. After breaking up with her boyfriend of, well, forever, Abigail Wood must learn how to be single from scratch. Her dating skills are abysmal, and she ricochets from disaster to disaster – until Robert, one of London’s most notorious lotharios, agrees to coach her.

With his advice, she learns to navigate the bastard-infested waters of the bar scene and practices the art of being bulletproof. The new Abigail is cocky, calm, composed…but what happens when she meets her match?

Review: I love Gemma’s writing style – honest, realistic chick-lit with relatable characters. This book is humorous in parts, and the characters are extremely likeable, conversations that you’d have with your friends down the pub. I loved the romance aspect of this book, and it wasn’t cheesy (like many seem to be). I would definately read more of Gemma’s novels.



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