Author Interviews

NEW author interviews are posted regularly, and some authors may appear more than once, due to discussing each new novel, so  return for updates.

Traditionally published authors are listed first, followed by self published authors, in yearly and alphabetical order.


– Traditionally published authors.


Albert Lanier

Alessandra Torre 

A.M Hartnett

Andrew Smith

Angela Marsons

Carl Scharwath

Clodagh Murphy

Gene Ayres

Gina Henning

Hilary Grossman

Holly Martin

Isobel Hart

J Cafesin

Jill Knapp

Jules Wake

Judith Barrow

Kat Black

Katie Oliver

Laura Chapman

Laura McNeill

Lynda Renham

Megan Hart

Nicola C Matthews

Nicola May

Nigel May

Oscar Reynard

Primula Bond

Rachael Richey

Shari King

Sheryl Browne

Sophie Hart

Swati Sharma

Zara Stoneley

– Self published authors.


Alianne Donnelly

Avery Aster

Carol E Wyer

Emma Gibbens

Ian Lowell

Mike Patt

Steven Donahue

Susanne Leist

Tony Perez Giese

Tony Piazza

Tracie Banister

– Traditionally published authors.


Chrissie Manby

Desiree Wilder

Erin Lawless

Gemma Halliday

Ilana Fox

Isabel Wolff

Jane Lovering

Janice Cairns

Jessica Brody

Kate Lord Brown

Kelly Lawrence

Lucy Lord

Phoebe Fox

Pippa Croft

Ralph Jones

Ronald Paxton

Rowan Coleman

Sophie Hart

Sue Moorcroft

Talli Roland

Tasmina Perry

Zanna Mackenzie

– Self published authors.


Ella Vincent

Emma Bennett

Gisell De Jesus

Lynda Renham

Michaela Miles

M.R Joseph

Nicola May

Steven Donahue

– Traditionally published authors.


Alison Jack

Anna-Lou Weatherley

Carole Matthews

C.c Coburn

Chris Hill

Jon Rance

Kendall Ryan

Laura Ziepe

Lindsey Kelk

Liz Trenow

Lucy King

Marie Laval

Michelle Cohen Corasanti

Michelle Kelly

Micheal Maxwell

Sheila Norton

Paige Toon

Rosanna Leo

Samantha Priestley

Sarah Webb

Sheila Norton

Sue Johnson

Suzy Duffy

Vanessa Curtis

Victoria Fox

Vina Jackson

Wendy Sexton

– Self published authors.


Abbey K Davies

Adrienne Vaughan

Andrew Marsh

Carlie Pettit

Charisse Reid

Clara Grace Walker

Dave White

D.C.J Wardle

Emmy Yoshida

Isabella Rae –

JD Stockholm

Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Sage

Julie Ryan

Layla Stevens

Marissa Carmel

Melissa Rolka

Rebecca Berto

Skye Turner



1 Response to Author Interviews

  1. Hi, I’m still interest in having my book, The Dead Game, reviewed. Let me know and I can send you a Kindle copy or an Adobe copy; whatever you prefer. Thank you, Susanne

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