Beauty Tips

So, I thought I’d share some beauty tips, as when I was younger, I didn’t have much advice on make-up etc, my older sister was out doing her thing & I think my mom was too busy working to notice my orange face & white neck! Here’s the tips & tricks I’ve learnt in all my years, I think that I qualify to give advice as A) I own enough beauty products to open a make-up store, seriously, I have loads of everything! B) I’ve made enough mistakes to know what doesn’t work & C) I think I look much better these days.

>Hair regrowth. My hair used to be naturally long until about the age of 24 when the hairdresser got scissor happy & hacked off about 6 inches. Yes, I cried & yes, I paid! My hair never grew again. Ever! Until the last year & a half. I stopped bleaching the crap out of it. All you blondes, have a break for a year or two & go brunette to give your hair a break, seriously, it helps! I was blonde all my life until now & the condition has improved soo much, I no longer need my extensions. Ditch the GHD’s, they burn the crap out of your hair. I rarely straighten it now, I even tie it up, or if I do straighten it, only on nights out. If you keep causing the ends to snap off, it wont grow. Use a conditioning mask twice a week. Oh, & use Morrocan oil, Argon Oil, coconut oil or even normal vegetable oil. Rub it in your hair, put a towel on & leave it in for about 4 hours, works wonders! Locks in natural oils & strengthens your hair. Also, don’t crash diet, your body stores the nutrients as it doesn’t know when it’ll be fed again, & the nutrients go to good use, so always have breakfast, a snack & dinner throughout the day, don’t change your pattern.

>Skincare. Of course I get blemishes, I’m human :/ The best products you can use are Simple products that aren’t harsh on your skin, or other non-perfumed products. Witch hazel & tee tree is also good. Forget all these other advertised, chemical filled products, trust me. Don’t over-wash your face, it’ll irritate it & cause breakouts. Cleanser & toner arereally good, & cheap! It gets off ALL your make-up. I cleanse & tone but don’t moisturise as it can be too greasy, I think. Only wear make-up when you absolutely need to & try to allow your skin to breathe, and never sleep in your make-up, ever! P.s if you have a complexion you’re not happy with, see your GP/Doctor for antibiotics, don’t just accept it, they can do something. Drink plenty of water to wash out the toxins also!

>Make-up. When wearing foundation, ensure it’s the right shade by wiping a bit on your wrist. Always put foundation on your neck & blend it in, nothing worse that an orange ring around your face. Contour! Use bronzer along your cheekbones, nose and a little in the middle of your forehead & chin. Kim Kardashian does this to enhance her cheek bones & slim her face. Don’t wear too much, either heavy eyes & nude lips, or bold lips & natural eyes, if you do both, you’ll look like a drag queen. Best foundation, non greasy: Maybelline dream matte mousse. Best mascara: Max Factor false lash effect. Best lipgloss: Juicy tubes. Best lipstick: Barry M for all the colours.

>Fake tan. I’m a pro! I’ve tested sooo many! Shower & ex-foliate first off. Half an hour after, apply moisturiser to your elbow & knee creases & over your eyebrows, you don’t want any of these really orange! Apply fake tan. Always use a tanning mitt. Squirt tan onto the mitt, apply dots onto the body part you’re tanning (one at a time) such as leg, other leg, tummy, chest, arms, rub it in gently. Once you’re complete, take the mitt off, squirt tan to the back of one hand, then rub it onto the back of your other hand & viola, no orange fingers. Best natural tan is: Loreal Sublime gel.

>Eyebrows. Tint sets are good. Dye them yourself to darken them, lasts for two weeks, the pack lasts a few months. Failing which get them done pro, HD brows. Don’t over-tweeze, skinny brows aren’t good, Kate Moss even said brows are important, they frame your face. Pencil them in, not too dark though. You can even get stencils these days. Mine are tattooed on, semi permanent make-up, love it! I won’t lie though and tell you one application lasts 5 years as it doesn’t. I had mine first done in April 2012, then again, and now in Dec 2013 I need a third application. They are 100% worth it though. No pencilling them in for a long while! The procedure isn’t bad, you choose your shape, colour, whether you want fine brushstrokes or more false block looking brows. Numbing cream is then applied, and the tattooing itself just feels like slight scratching.

>Fashion. Never follow trends! Wear what suits you & flatters your figure. I never did the whole boho look. Try everything on in shops & really see what suits you, then stick to it. Any outfit can appear glamorous with added dress jewellery, bling etc. Hi-waisted clothes are in fashion but don’t suit me, so I avoid them. Dresses, & body-cons however, do, so I just get several in diff colours. The main thing in your wardrobe which you should spend the most on is a decent jacket & handbag, as you’ll use it always! I love leather jackets & have too many handbags! My fave being my pink Guess bag.

>Hair, nails & teeth. To strengthen & look after nails & teeth, drink some milk per week, you need calcium. Try not to have acrylic or other false nails, they will weaken them, i wore them for years! If you intend never to have real, long nails, then continue to wear them. You should also take vitamins, 50+ type ones are good, one capsule packed with everything! Whitening strips are good for your teeth, or the DIY kits, such as Hollywood white. You put gel into a plastic mouth piece & leave it in for about 10 mins, may make your teeth sensitive.

>Weight loss. Work out! I’ve only just started the gym & it’s boring but it has to be done. If you hate it, buy an exercise or dance DVD & do it at home where you’re comfortable. Also, as you’ll be saving gym fees, look on E-bay/websites for gym equipment in your house, an exercise bike, pedals, mat, skipping rope don’t take up much room. Go out dancing! I must have stayed slim due to all my years partying, dancing every weekend, burning it off. Stick to the same daily routine when eating, & if snacking, eat fruit, nuts or salad. I binge on chocolate & crisps all the time! I feel guilty afterwards, but I don’t believe in self deprivation, so indulge but just work out even harder that day! Restricting things can alter your mood, if I don’t have choc, I’m a grumpy cow! Lol!


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