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This page brings your everything in relation to fashion and beauty, which I currently write about for a printed and online newspaper – The Ibizan. Here you will find street style, celeb style, my own fashion buys, make-up tips, tricks and more. Also fitness and health articles.



As a Sons Of Anarchy obsessive, and loving the biker / rock chick style myself (sometimes), I will share what’s hot at the moment. The good thing about this type of fashion is that it will never go ‘out’ of fashion. There will always be a time and place for leather, studs, black clothing, bling, boots, etc, no matter what year we’re in. Some people were dressing like this in the late eighties / early nineties, and still are now.


It’s far too hot in the summer for me to put on a pair of ripped jeans, leather jacket, and studded ankle boots, so I will share how to achieve this look in the summer, without necessary layers.

Leather Jacket – This may be too hot during the winter, but there are sleeveless leather jackets for the cool nights, which can be teamed with almost anything. They come in a variety of styles, such as being covered in silver or gold studs, miniature skeleton heads, logo’s, fringed and more.


Boots – These can be ankle boots, or just below the knee. Again, these come in a wide selection of styles, such as studded, plain black, or decorated with pictures or bling. It’s not too hot to wear ankle boots with shorts, or a skirt, and as a lot of people in Ibiza drive scooters, it’s the perfect footwear. And even Dr. Martens.

Dresses – Black, white or grey are the best if you’re looking to achieve this look. Dresses again can be studded, fringed, covered in skeleton logo’s, the ‘evil eye,’ symbols, crosses and whatnot. Some dresses, like the one I have, are cotton, with a leather fitted belt across the waist, or the shoulders, giving it a bit of a rock edge.

SonsOfAnarchy logo

Jeans / leggings ‘ trousers – It’s too hot for them now, but in the winter, there are ripped styles, fringed, patterned, leather and more. Even if you can’t see yourself wearing leather trousers, I have a black pair of leggings with leather stripes down, and near the pockets, which look cool.

Vests / Crop tops – A plain black top goes with absolutely everything, so do crop tops, and oversized vests. Also, these can be loose clothing, perfect for the summer days. Again, there are a variety of styles in these tops.

Hooded jackets – These can only be worn in the winter in Ibiza. Hoodies can be plain, patterned or emblazoned with logo’s and words. They’re perfect to throw on with jeans, leggings or shorts.

Maxi dresses – There are some cool biker / rock chick dresses on the market now, again in many styles.

Handbags – These can be leather, fringed, patterned or covered in writing. A black bag can go with anything.

Accessories – You can find bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, nose rings, and the more the better. I have a leather ring with a skeleton head on, which is a cute little touch for any outfit. And I wear several earrings along my ears, of all styles, whether it’s silver studs or hoops. There are skeleton heads, the Hamsa hand, the ‘evil eye,’ crosses, pentagrams, and more. It’s usually best to stick to silver.

Belts – Studded, plain black, leather and more can be found online. Some even have a chain across.

rock1  rock3

If you want celebrity style inspiration, check out Audrina Patridge from the show The Hills, Jennifer Tallulah from show Gossip Girl, singer Gwen Stefani, model Kate Moss, and many more. Oh, and the whole cast of Sons Of Anarchy, of course! You will always see celebrities experimenting with this look. And you can wear a little something to represent this style, no matter what age.

All you need now is the Harley Davidson! Contributions for this are welcome! LOL! 😛

rock2 rock4

P.S As the tune says, Battleme- Hey, Hey, My, My – rock and roll will never die.




I went to Ocean Beach Club this week, and had a brilliant time. OBC is also a place where actress Michelle Keegan celebrated the Lipsy pool party in 2014. Michelle is a complete style-icon. She always looks flawless and classy wherever she goes, and it’s no suprise that she’s often voted for the most enviable bikini body, not to mention sexiest female for FHM.

Lipsy is one of my favourite brands, and I have quite a few dresses from Lipsy. Unfortunately there isn’t a Lipsy in Spain, but there is an easy-to-use website where clothes can be purchased.

Michelle has a main collection, and a holiday collection. Items include- floor length gowns, body-con dresses, skater dresses, playsuits, short sets, summer dresses, skirts, t-shirts, cardigans, and more, in a variety of styles, whether it’s plain, print, floral, or striped. Sizes range from a UK XS to XL, and prices vary.

The website also sells sports wear, trousers, knitwear, jackets, leggings, hoodies, lingerie, shoes, sunglasses, jewellery, fragrances, watches, bags and more.

To shop at Lipsy, check out their website-

keegan1 keegan2



I browsed the shops in Spain this week. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just having a wander around. One of the shops I visited was a store in the back streets of the West End called Oleh 22.

The shop itself is unique. The decor inside is stunning! Not only does it sell clothes, but home items too. I came across furniture, cushions, candle holders, photo frames, ornaments, mirrors, key-rings, pens, jewellery, garden items and other funky stuff. There are also loads of beach-type objects if you’re after that style in your home, which I absolutely love.

In respect of clothes, it has some gorgeous dresses, shorts, trousers, tops and more. I purchased a pink and black body-con dress. I’m not usually one for bright colours, but I fancied something different.

This shop is definitely worth checking out!

oleh oleh2



I purchased some gorgeous bikinis at La Sirena. There are so many different types of bikinis, that I couldn’t resist. From brightly coloured bikinis, fringed, patterned, halter-neck, strapless, padded, underwired and more.

I got three fringed bikinis in black, blue and light green.


There is also a new shop in San Antonio, just near the egg, which I had a browse in. It sells a huge range of pretty accessories, from bracelets – ankle and wrist, necklaces, rings and more. There are also purses, handbags, and clothes.

The prices are also reasonable.




Another place that sells a huge selection of swimwear is Decathlon, not far from Eivissa town. Bikinis here can cost as little as 10 euros per set. There is also a huge selection of sports wear, men, women, and children, exercise equipment, trainers, tents, swimming pools, the lot.

Oh, and I also purchased a swimming pool from there. Prices are as little as twenty euro’s to over a grand.



Decathlon is easily one of my favourite shops. You can also shop online at:


Sometimes going shopping for swimwear isn’t as easy as grabbing the first thing you see on the rack. And sometimes stripping off on a packed beach, or pool can be daunting for some. It doesn’t have to be this way, if you find the style of swimwear that suits you, and flatters your frame. What suits one person may not necessarily suit another, and women do come in all different shapes and sizes. Despair not, as I will list all the different types of swimwear to get you glowing on the beach, and embracing your body.

Bustier bikini sets are great for those who don’t feel that the stomach area is their most flattering body part. And perhaps they want to enhance their bust. Either way, bustier sets look sexy, and so 70’s, especially if you wear polka dot. Although black is one of my favourite colours, and creates the slimming affect.

You can even get two-piece swimwear in the form of vests, and shorts, which look just as good.

If you have a small bust, bikini tops will a lot of detail will draw to this area – anything with patterns, frills, accessories. Horizontal and vertical stripes create the illusion of a fuller bust, as do the bottoms, for a fuller behind, Kim K style. Swimwear can also come padded; to give you that extra lift. Polka dot, floral, patterned and bright are best.

If you have a big bust, plain bikinis will draw less attention to this area. Again, padded or underwire bikini tops can give you the support you need. Tankini’s are great for not exposing any cleavage. And so are costumes, or high neck two pieces. If however you want to flaunt what God gave you, and get that bust on show, halter neck tops will do this.

Athletic body shapes should opt for more girly glamorous looking bikinis, pretty bright colours, and frills. Halter neck tops also balance out wide shoulders. You can even accessorise your swimwear with a necklace, wrist or ankle bracelet to give you that more feminine look.

If you’re pear-shaped, aim for detailed tops, and plain bottoms. You want to draw attention to your top half, rather than your bottom area. Again, you can find swimwear like this in the form of: bikini’s, swimming costumes, and bustier sets. You can also buy sculptured swimwear, which does pretty much the same as spanx, pressing in the right areas, and high-waisted bikini bottoms.


When looking for swimwear, just do what you’d do when searching for a dress. Find something that will highlight the best parts of your body, and decrease attention to your least favourite parts.

There is so much selection when it comes to swimwear today, whether you’re browsing the shops, or buying online.

And don’t forget, you also have a choice of sarongs, kimono’s, tunic’s, oversized vests, light fringed cardigans and more for extra coverage.

And one last tip, make sure you check the tags, and don’t get swimwear mixed up with bathing wear like me, and ruin your bikini’s in the water!




Shopaholic abroad? Yep, that’s me! If it’s one thing I love, it’s shopping! And what better way to talk fashion, clothes, fave shops and recommended buys than diarising my shopping trips. Each week, I will share my latest splurges, amazing offers, discounts and photographs of stunning items.

This week, I had a browse in San Antonio. San Antonio has some lovely little boutiques, larger stores such as La Sirena, El Coral Sports & Chic, brand shops such as Pacha, Space, Ibiza Rocks and more, shoe shops, cosmetic stores, and stalls to pick up some unique little pieces.

I purchased some gorgeous shoes in a shop on the strip called Ibiza Smiles. They’re black suede platforms, with white rubber soles. And they’re so comfy! I hate the pain of wearing heels bring, but these don’t hurt one bit, which I also find with wedges, which are my fave to party in.

I also purchased a matching handbag from La Sirena, which comes with different straps, so it can be held as a clutch, around your wrist, or as a shoulder-bag.


I also picked up a lovely little bracelet in one of the tourist shops. I love anything that symbolises things, such as Elephants representing good luck, crystals / gemstones for healing, and The Hand Of Fatima / Hamsa Hand as protection against the evil eye. The bracelets can be purchased in many stores and stalls in Ibiza, and come in different colours and styles. I also bought my sister one of the bracelets, with a pretty little Ibiza jewellery box, which I got from a souvenir shop.


I also got a new eye-brow pencil from the new Mercadona. And the reason I’m raving about this is because it’s brilliant! It’s an angled pencil, and amazing for getting that perfect arched brow. And I’ve tried lots of eye-brow pencils, shadows and cream based ones, but now, I’d never go back.


Here are some more photographs of some of the lovely shoes, and handbags that you can also find in the Ibiza Smiles shop.

shoe1 shoe2 shoe3

Check back for the next Shop Of The Week.




For some, getting hair to grow at the length we want can take months, maybe even years. Perhaps you’ve had a hair-cut and found it didn’t suit you, or you miss how your hair looked before.

Luckily, there are several options to getting luscious locks, whether it be shoulder, or even waist length, curly, or straight in a variety of different colours, to create the illusion of thicker hair. For as little as 60 pounds, and over, you can get the hair you really want – whether it’s by way of hair pieces, clip-on, glued, sewn, or halo hair extensions. The hair can be 100% real human hair, or synthetic, however I strongly advise paying extra and purchasing real hair, as this can be styled with heat appliances, even coloured and blends in naturally with your own hair.

Women have been wearing hair pieces for decades. And to this day, they’re popular amongst celebrities.

Below are the different types of hair fittings, to help you decide which is best suitable for you.

Firstly, there are the clip-in hair pieces. This can be a long, sleek clip-on ponytail, to make any up-do look glamorous. Or perhaps even curls, piled on your head. Or a thick top-knot. These pieces are easy to clip in, and usually come attached to a crocodile clip, or pull-strings.

Secondly, there are standard wigs. Wigs can be brilliant if you fancy a different look every now and then. Perhaps you want to be a blonde one week, and a redhead the next. Or perhaps you just want your hair to appear big, rather than dull and lank. Wigs can be applied by placing on your head, adjusting it neatly to fit your head, and applying bonding glue along the perimeter of your hairline, leaving it to dry, until the wig feels secure.

Thirdly, there are hair extensions. Hair extensions can be glued in. I highly recommend if doing this, it should be done by a professional, and also when removed, (with oil or other removing agent) to prevent any loss of your own hair. Extensions applied by glue feel secure, and can last months.

Another way is to have the micro-ring / loop extensions. The hair extensions aren’t glued to your own hair strands, but rather a small bead / ring to attach the extensions to your hair. Most salons offer this service. They can be removed by bending open the beads. These extensions usually last up to three months.

Another way is to have the extensions sewn in. The extensions are usually threaded through cornrows in your hair. This can last several months.

Clip-in hair extensions are another way of adding volume to your hair, and if you prefer to wear the extensions only now and then, or on special occasions, rather than for long periods of time. These can be individual strands, in all different colours, or they can be full pieces, for the back, sides, and front of your head. The packs usually come in 8 pieces. By sectioning parts of your hair, you clip the extensions in, ensuring that your own hair at the top covers the final line of extensions. These are great for avoiding hair damage, and easy to clip in, and out. They can last several months, maybe even years, if handled with care.

Another type of extension is the halo hair extensions. These are amazing, and do not damage the hair in any way. The hair comes on a thin transparent wire, which is placed on the crown of your hair, and covered by your own hair. These are perfect if you’re always on the go, and want full, healthy looking hair in seconds. These are easy to place on the head, and remove with a gentle tug. And providing you take good care of them, can last forever.

All of the above can be fitted, or purchased in most hair salons, and online, on websites such as – Amazon, Ebay, halo hair extensions website, and more. If you purchase human hair, and the colour doesn’t blend in with your natural colour, a hairdresser should be able to colour, and layer the hair so that it looks as natural as possible. I highly recommend, to keep your own hair unaffected, to use either the wigs, hair pieces, clip-in, or halo extensions.


halo 1

halo halo2


Check out these stunning hairstyle ideas, as shown on actress Blake Lively. Below defines which style is in each photograph, and how to achieve it.

1. Effortlessly sexy waves. Part your hair at the side, and using your curling tongs, create loose waves. Brush your fingers through your hair when finished, and use hair grips on one side of your hair.


2. Curl your hair at the ends, stopping at your ears. Twist it all, and clip into a high up-do. Play around with the curls, and position them with hair grips if needed. Allow some loose strands to fall either side of your forehead.


3. Braid the front section of your hair, securing it with a clear elastic at the end. Tie your hair into a pony-tail, or a bun. If you have a fringe, leave that section free at the front.


4. Scrape your hair back into a high pony-tail. Use a comb and hairspray to ensure it’s as neat as can be. Braid your pony-tail, and secure the end. Blake may be wearing hair extensions here, so if you’re into extensions, use them for a fuller, longer pony.


5. Again, tie your hair up, twist the ends at the back, and secure into a bun.


6. This is another effortless look. Part your hair an inch at the front, tie into a pony-tail. For a prettier look, and to hide your hair band, when tying your hair up, leave a piece of hair out at the back, at the nape of your neck. When you’ve tied the rest of your hair up, wrap the free piece of hair around the band, and secure with a hair grip underneath the pony.




The chart below shows which foods are healthy, and which food our body requires.


If our body doesn’t have the right fuel-foods, we may lack energy, and worse make ourselves ill. To ensure our hair and nails remain strong, and our skin flawless, it’s imperative we don’t abuse our body and overload on sugary foods, fatty foods and carbs. We need a selection of the above foods per day / week.

Detailed are some healthy recipes, ranging from breakfast, lunch and dinner, that aren’t overly expensive, nor difficult to make.

BREAKFAST – Porridge oats with a sprinkling of nuts, sugar or fruit, such as blueberry’s for added flavour. Fruit smoothies, fruit salads. Yoghurt and fruit. Poached eggs with a slice of brown / wholewheat bread, or beans on toast. Wheat cereal such as Kellogg’s Special K, bran flakes, muesli, weetabix etc which are all rich in fibre. Tomato and ham omlette.

NON DAIRY BREAKFASTS – Poached eggs and brown bread. Vegetable breakfast bakes. Oven baked egg and chips. Baked beans and toast, or wedges. A full English breakfast, but grill everything rather than cook in oil. Fruit smoothie, fruit salad.

LUNCH – Baked skinny fries. Tomato / chicken / noodle soup. Tuna and cheese jacket potato. Egg and cress sandwich (brown bread.) Lettuce, tomato, and egg sandwich. Ham sandwich. Turkey sandwich. Chicken salad. Smoked salmon.

DAIRY FREE LUNCH – Pasta salad with tuna and balsamic dressing. Turkey salad. Mediterranean potato salad. Rice salad. Baked potato with beans, or tuna. Carrot and sweet potato mash.

DINNER – Spicy meatballs. Poached salmon. Tomato and thyme cod. Thai beef stir-fry. Vegetable pie. Oven baked fish and chips. Light chicken korma. Stew. Vegetable curry. Noodles. Spicy seafood. Roast chicken dinner. Chicken bake. Pork / steak / roast beef with sweet potato’s / boiled potato’s/ roast potato’s. Salmon with boiled potato’s / salad. Vegetable pasta.

DAIRY FREE DINNER – Stew. Vegetable curry. Noodles. Spicy seafood. Roast chicken dinner. Chicken bake. Pork / steak / roast beef with sweet potato’s / boiled potato’s/ roast potato’s. Salmon with boiled potato’s / salad. Vegetable pasta.

DESERTS / TREATS – Sugar free carrot cake. Fruity sponge cake. Fruit salad. Frozen berry yogurt. Milkshake. Malt loaf. Gluten free lemon cake. Sweet and spicy nuts. Baked banana cheesecake.

Remember, take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in!




I am extremely fussy when it comes to color co-ordination and matching clothes. I can’t just throw anything together. Whether it’s my shoes and bag matching colours, or coat and shoes, or accessories and belt matching something, it really doesn’t matter. Here are a few matching buys.

As you can see, I love black and gold.



As much as I love heels and wedges, I absolutely LOVE biker boots / ankle boots, especially with a bit of silver or gold. They’re so comfy to walk in, and look perfect with leggings, or jeans tucked into.


Another fave of mine which you will not see me without, is accessories / jewelry. I love my white gold and silver. Other than that, I like dress jewellery. Matching sets – earrings and necklaces are gorgeous. I have my ears pierced 3 times, and my belly button. I had a small stud in my nose last year, but stopped wearing it. Here are a few things I have and love.

I also really love the Hamsa hand / Hand of Fatima, whether it’s the bracelets, earrings, belly bars, handbags, clothes etc. It’s my lucky charm. I always wear a Hamsa Hand. It’s a symbol used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history. It protects against the evil eye, and negativity towards you. It can also come in the shape of an eye.


Here are a few celebrities wearing the Hamsa Hand / eye. Fans and believers are Shakira, the Kardashians, Rhianna, Jen Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Nicole Richie, Michelle Keegan, and more.



Here are my other Hamsa Hand accessories.



And when it’s chilly on the nights, (mainly in the winter), I needed a new warm coat. As I love black and gold, I purchased one in this colour. It has a hood, and leather material parts, which will match my black suede and leather leggings and shoes perfectly.


I love wedges. They’re so comfortable, and can be worn in the day or on the night. I also love simple plain vests in various colours, and black shorts which can go with almost anything.


I love bikini’s, and seems as I live in Spain, and we have 7 months of sunbathing weather, I own a lot of bikini’s. My most recent buys were this pink bikini, and black fringed bikini. No doubt I will be buying more this year.


I practically live in leggings. And jeans. Well, in the winter anyway. I love straight-legged jeans, ripped jeans, baggy-boyfriend jeans. The lot! I team them either with biker boots, wedges, knee boots, or heels.


I absolutely LOVE dresses! This long black dress is one of my faves. And the back bodice / patterned skirt dress I have yet to wear. The other black dress is simple, and can be worn for any occasion teamed with chunky accessories, or flip flops. My black ankle wedge boots can be worn in the daytime with jeans, or a skirt / dress on the night.


Here are a couple more dresses I bought recently. The red dress is from River Island, and I cannot wait to wear it! The accessories are to match the black dress, glamourise it a little.


I have a slight obsession with handbags. I own so many! One of my faves is my hot pink Guess handbag and matching purse, which I bought from Selfridges, my navy Lipsy bag, several Pauls Boutique, and a Michael Kors.


Although I prefer to dress girly in dresses, I also like to keep with the latest trends, and as it gets so hot here, I have to wear summer clothes. From the months of May-Oct, I practically live in shorts, crop tops, dresses, vests and flip flops,or sandals. Here are a few outfits I have. Although, I’m yet to wear some! They still have the tags on.


Below I have crop tops, shorts, a skirt, and two dresses. One is a gorgeous greek goddess type dress. It floor-length with a gold belt attached. I am yet to wear this. Preferably at a cocktail bar in the daytime.


I have yet to wear these clothes. I have only worn the black and white crop top with a long black gypsy skirt. The other clothes I think will go well with my NY cap. I do like to dress sporty / hip now and then, although it doesn’t happen too often, as again, I love to dress girly.


Below are some vests, which go with a lot of my outfits. This body con dress is one of my faves, and looks so classy teamed with heels. I also puchased some gold midi-rings.


Here are some more of my dresses. I have only worn to of these dresses so far – the white and the gold body-con dress which are more faves of mine. They fit really well, and can be worn on the night with heels.


I am yet to wear these also. I puchased some black and white shorts to wear with a plain vest, a white wrap-over skirt which I love, some white faint floral shorts, and a black and pink dress for on the night time.


More coming soon!



San Antonio is home to many salons, all offering a different range of hair treatments, as well as other beauty treatments.  Living in a hot climate, or even just in Ibiza on holiday, hair can get extremely dry and damaged, as well as the skin. With the popular restaurants, bars and clubs, everyone wants to look and feel their best. Below are some of the salons that can be found in San Antonio, some of the treatments they offer and prices.

Ego offers services such as professional make-up from 18e – 40e for day, night, party and bridal looks. Waxing is also available: legs, bikini – Brazilian or Hollywood, arms, lips, face, eyebrows and nose. Prices start from as little as 3e to 18e. Tinting can be applied to eyebrows, eyelashes, with perms, false lashes and semi-permanent. For nail care, you can receive manicures, pedicures, paint, polish, art, and shellac nails. Shellac nails are 27e. Facials are also on offer, as well as massages, whether it be full body, back, foot or legs.

Example prices for hair care are a whole head of highlights 45e, root touch up 26e, tint for medium hair 30e and 40e for long. A ladies cut is 15e, with a blow-dry, it’s 28e. OAP wash and blow-dry is 12e. Hair styling is also on offer.

Semi permanent hair straightening is only 25e, repair treatments, intense moisture and Botox hair repair start from 8e to 12e.

Japanese straightening, Brazilian blow-dry and hair extensions can be discussed on a visit.

Not forgetting the male grooming of course, waxing is provided for chest, stomach, back, full legs and arms. Prices start from 15e to 25e. A haircut is 14e, head shaved 10e, and children’s cut, also 10e.

IBZ Look is another salon, also offering hair and beauty treatments at reasonable prices, not to mention semi-permanent make-up, eyebrow and eyelash tint, and for a more lasting micropigmentation application, eyeliner, lipliner, and eyebrows are 180.00e which is extremely reasonable given some prices on the Internet alone. Laser treatments are available. Women’s cut is 14e, men’s cut 11e, and 9e for children under 12. Hair colour starts at 26e.

SOL.T offers the usual hair cutting, colouring, blow-drying services etc, as well as advice for wedding looks, keratin treatments, fotodepilacion, radiofrequency, dermobrasion and solarium use. The price list can be found in the salon.

Solarium Gilda has sunbeds starting from 6e for 8 minutes up to 9e for 16 minutes. Holistic treatments are offered for the ears, kinesiology, foot reflexology, quantum SCIO and more. Prices start from 20e – 45e. Other treatments are peeling, Chocó spa – the new weapon to preserve the beauty and beat stress, Dead Sea shell wraps whereby treatments are exclusive to the Dead Sea regions, treatments making use of the seas resources: face and body packs, back cleaning, anti-cellulite treatments, radio frequent facials, electrostimulation for body toning and massaging, mesotherapy  treatments which are non surgical solutions used for cellulite, excess weight, body contouring, face and neck rejuvenation and more. Pressure therapy to improve circulation and cellulite. Prices start from 30e – 50e. Collagen, hyaluronic and oxygenating facials are good for rejuvenating sluggish, stressed or acne affected skin (Aloe Vera and vitamin treatments are also offered) prices start from 30e – 42e. Massages, professional nails, waxing, make-up and tinting are more of what can be found at this salon.

Nino’s salon offers the usual hair services, as well as chemical hair straightening from 38e, Japanese straightening from 200e, Keratin treatment from 180e, and more.

LUZ Salon is another reasonably priced hairdressers / salon, which also offers manicures, pedicures, eyebrow and lip services.

If you’re looking for an ordinary, or a little bit of an edgier style, C4 is a salon whereby different hair designs are created: Mohicans’s, unique, outrageous styles, patterns /words shaved into the hair, funky colours and more. They don’t call it explosive hair for nothing. The pricing is good, especially for the Ibiza workers whereby discounts are offered.  



Between seasons can be confusing on the fashion-front. Sunny outside, but a little breezy. What to wear?

You can’t go wrong with jeans (straight legged or baggy), trousers, or leggings. Skirts and shorts also look great teamed with tights, whether it’s sheer, or woolly. For warmth, there is a huge selection of styles, from polo-neck, jumper dresses, off-the-shoulder, patterned, plain and emblazoned with taglines. Long sleeve blouses are also ideal and still look dressy.

Ankle or thigh high boots work well with practically anything, and colour co-ordinated with a handbag, or belt is even better. Vests and t-shirts can still be worn on chilly days, especially with a classic blazer, oversized cardigan, leather jacket, parka, mac or ordinary coat.

Of an evening, dresses with tights offer glamour and comfort. If you’re not keen on tights, a long maxi dress, gown, or skirt still stand out in a club, bar or restaurant, and again can be worn with a jacket.

Fur is also another winter trend that is never out of fashion magazines, whether it’s a hat, coat, or bag. For the bitter nights, gloves may need to be worn. A variety of gloves from leather, wool, even fingerless (for mobile-use) can be purchased everywhere.

If you’re missing your summer suntan, tanning wipes / towels are brilliant for a non-patchy glow and easy to apply. The colour usually lasts about a week. Recommended brands are: L’Oreal sublime bronze, Nivea sun touch, Garnier Ambre Solair, however the cheaper brands work just as well. Alternatively, tanning lotions can be applied with a tanning mitt. Again, the following brands are highly recommended for that flawless result.

Winter nail varnish colours that are trending at the moment are blues, silvers, pearly white and pinks, which look even better with added glitter. Also, to keep those nails nice and strong, apply a coat of clear strengthening varnish.

With the cold drying out your hair, don’t forget to use oil weekly: Argan, Morrocan, Coconut, and Olive work wonders. Intensive conditioning masks are also cheap and effective.

In respect of dry skin, for reasonably priced moisturisers try Cocoa butter, Simple, Nivea, Clinique, and my tried and tested favourite in Pharmacies in Ibiza – Uriage Hyseac soothing moisteriser.

So, wrap up warm, but still look the part in these Winter months.




I just wanted to share my new vanity box / organiser. I absolutely love it! This is only a quarter of my make-up. I love the stuff. And perfumes. Hair-care. And clothes 😀

So, welcome to this page!

This page will contain regular beauty tips and tricks, reviews of tried and tested: cosmetics, hair products, fake tan, semi permanent make-up, and possibly even lip filler injections, (if I have them done!) and other girly stuff (:


Please comment and share your own tips and products. I want to know everything about make-up and beauty! 😀


Check out my first YouTube vid. There will be more to come! And when I get a little braver, I will talk, and pull faces, and share ALL my fashion & beauty tips! (OK, maybe not pull faces) :p


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