I’m a typical girly girl. I’m obsessed with shopping, shoes, handbags, and clothes! As I write a fashion column for a printed and online newspaper, I thought I would share my fashion views here too. Also, my buys 😀

Feel free to share your own fashion views, and your blog links in the comment box below. 


2015 TRENDS 

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Gossip Girl Glamour.

Each week, I will bring the latest trends of certain models, actresses, and artists. You don’t have to spend a fortune to steal their style. Even if they’re wearing designer garments, you can purchase similar high street clothes at affordable prices. My favourite stores in England are River Island, Zara, Lipsy, Bank, H&M are more. In Spain, I love Stradivarius, Blanco, again H&M, and several boutiques. In respect of online retailers it’s Asos, MissGuided, and more!

With all outfits I share, the garments can easily be found if not in your local stores, but online. Whilst I don’t have time to research and compare each individual item of clothing against other retailers for best price, this website will do it for you – All you have to do is type in whatever you want in the search bar, and it will bring up loads of results from across the net, to help you find your bargain.

I will however advise of what each outfit includes.

So, this week, since I’m catching up on Gossip Girl at the moment, and completely obsessed with the girl cast outfits, especially Serena Van Der Woodsen, AKA Blake Lively, I thought I’d share her style.

She looks fashionably flawless almost all the time! Effortlessly sexy, with a mixture of everything, from designer to high street clothes.

Here are some of my fave ‘Serena’ outfits.


Sophisticated: This outfit entails a white vest, blue straight-legged trousers, silver blazer and matching brown bag and open-toed heeled boots.


Casual: Silver and cream dress, cream pumps, grey blazer,cream hat, bangles and leopard print top.

gossip girl season 5 episode 2 serena van der woodsen fashion st

Girly glam: Silver boob-tube dress, coral blazer, beige heeled sandals, and light blue handbag,


Effortlessly sexy winter wear: Black mac, black tights / leggings, knee length black books, leather black gloves, blue scarf, and brown (doctor’s style) bag.


Pretty: White vest, caramel coloured skirt, white fur / feather sleeveless jacket, brown heels, and grey handbag,


Red carpet ready: Dark grey short dress, with long tail, and low neckline, complete with caramel suede heels, clutch bag and gold earrings.


Simple / classic: You can never go wrong with the LBD – little black dress. Black bodycon knee length dress, lacy neckline, complete with black zig-zagged clutch bag, and green, gold and coral dangly earrings.


Winter warm: Tartan knee length coat, dark grey tights / leggings, matching knee length boots, oversized bag and scarf, with leather gloves.


Glittering in gold: Floor length gold gown, with plunging neckline, complete with matching bangles, and coin necklace.

So, there you have it! Want Serena’s style? Get shopping!



I am extremely fussy when it comes to color co-ordination and matching clothes. I can’t just throw anything together. Whether it’s my shoes and bag matching colours, or coat and shoes, or accessories and belt matching something, it really doesn’t matter. Here are a few matching buys.

As you can see, I love black and gold.











As much as I love heels and wedges, I absolutely LOVE biker boots / ankle boots, especially with a bit of silver or gold. They’re so comfy to walk in, and look perfect with leggings, or jeans tucked into.


Another fave of mine which you will not see me without, is accessories / jewelry. I love my white gold and silver. Other than that, I like dress jewelry. Matching sets – earrings and necklaces are gorgeous. I have my ears pierced 3 times, and my belly button. I had a small stud in my nose last year, but stopped wearing it. Here are a few things I have and love.

I also really love the Hamsa hand / Hand of Fatima, whether it’s the bracelets, earrings, belly bars, handbags, clothes etc. It’s my lucky charm. I always wear a Hamsa Hand. It’s a symbol used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history. It protects against the evil eye, and negativity towards you. It can also come in the shape of an eye.










Here are a few celebrities wearing the Hamsa Hand / eye. Fans and believers are Shakira, the Kardashians, Rhianna, Jen Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Nicole Richie, Michelle Keegan, and more.



Here are my other Hamsa Hand accessories.










As it’s now chilly on the nights and I’m taking a trip to England this week, I needed a new warm coat. As I love black and gold,I purchased one in this colour. It has a hood, and leather material parts, which will match my black suede and leather leggings and shoes perfectly. It’s also nice and warm 🙂


I love wedges. They’re so comfortable, and can be worn in the day or on the night. I also love simple plain vests in various colours, and black shorts which can go with almost anything.


I love bikini’s, and seems as I live in Spain, and we have 7 months of sunbathing weather, I own a lot of bikini’s. My most recent buys were this pink bikini, and black fringed bikini. No doubt I will be buying more this year.


I practically live in leggings. And jeans. I love straight-legged jeans, ripped jeans, baggy-boyfriend jeans. The lot! I team them either with biker boots, wedges, knee boots, or heels.


I absolutely LOVE dresses! This long black dress is one of my faves. And the back bodice / patterned skirt dress I have yet to wear. The other black dress is simple, and can be worn for any occasion teamed with chunky accessories, or flip flops. My black ankle wedge boots can be worn in the daytime with jeans, or a skirt / dress on the night.


Here are a couple more dresses I bought recently. The red dress is from River Island, and I cannot wait to wear it! The accessories are to match the black dress, glamourise it a little.


I have a slight obsession with handbags. I own so many! One of my faves is my hot pink Guess handbag and matching purse, which I bought from Selfridges, my navy Lipsy bag, several Pauls Boutique, and a Michael Kors.


Although I prefer to dress girly in dresses, I also like to keep with the latest trends, and as it gets so hot here, I have to wear summer clothes. From the months of May-Oct, I practically live in shorts, crop tops, dresses, vests and flip flops,or sandals. Here are a few outfits I have. Although, I’m yet to wear some! They still have the tags on.


 Below I have crop tops, shorts, a skirt, and two dresses. One is a gorgeous greek goddess type dress. It floor-length with a gold belt attached. I am yet to wear this. Preferably at a cocktail bar in the daytime.


I have yet to wear these clothes. I have only worn the black and white crop top with a long black gypsy skirt. The other clothes I think will go well with my NY cap. I do like to dress sporty / hip now and then, although it doesn’t happen too often, as again, I love to dress girly.


 Below are some vests, which go with a lot of my outfits. This body con dress is one of my faves, and looks so classy teamed with heels. I also puchased some gold midi-rings.


Here are some more of my dresses. I have only worn to of these dresses so far – the white and the gold body-con dress which are more faves of mine. They fit really well, and can be worn on the night with heels.


I am yet to wear these also. I puchased some black and white shorts to wear with a plain vest, a white wrap-over skirt which I love, some white faint floral shorts, and a black and pink dress for on the night time.


More coming soon!



articlen2 articlen3 articlen5articlen4








outfit11 outfitnew1 outfitnew2 outfitnew3





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