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Upon searching for BETA readers, I see that many are charging for their services. Most people that pay for a service may want a qualified professional (editor/proof-reader), that has years of experience, and detailed review examples / recommendations list.

However, what if you’re just looking for someone that has a love of reading and seems to know what they’re talking about when it comes to books? An avid reader that is happy to review your manuscript for the enjoyment of it / to gain some experience. Or an author that would like to form a relationship with a critique partner / BETA reader / another author, and share and review one another’s work on a daily / weekly basis. 

Perhaps even form a friendship?


If you are looking for a FREE BETA reader / critique partner, then please keep checking this page. I am hoping to compile a list of such people SOON.


For authors – this page will help you with:

Receiving honest feedback from a BETA reader / another author

To have someone adhere to a deadline (two weeks / a month etc) in which to have your manuscript reviewed by

To receive feedback in respect of:  finding and improving elements of your story, suggestions on characters, setting etc, help with plot holes, characterisation, believability.

Critique: fault finding – spelling, grammatical error’s, and negative but constructive judgement.

A possible long-term relationship working with the individual, and a new friendship.

And most of all a FREE but helpful service for you.


For BETA readers / critiques – this page will help you with:

Receiving pre-submission / published stories before any one else

To build and maintain a professional profile as a BETA reader / critique, gaining experience

A possible long-term relationship working with the individual, and a new friendship.

FREE promotion in respect of your blog / services / social profiles.

Possible free book when published, and even a ‘thank-you’ on the dedication page.

The ability to enjoy stories for FREE

——————————————————————————————-Some questions you could ask your BETA reader / critique partner:

  • What did you think of the protagonist?
  • Did you like the ending?
  • What was your favorite part of the book?
  • What was your least favorite part of the book?
  • How would you rate the overall quality of the book?
  • Were there any parts that were slow or difficult?
  • Would you recommend the book to a friend?


BEFORE, you send your work to a BETA readers, I recommend emailing a NON DISCLOSURE FORM and asking them to sign the same. This is an agreement of them promising to keep your work confidential, not reproduce to the public, (people/internet) without your permisison. They promise to provide feedback, and not review or rate the same on ANY internet site. They also agree that there is no money compensation for the arrangement.

If you would like a copy of this form, please email me at, or download a copy from the Facebook page below.


FREE BETA READERS! Websites and links below:

Find BETA readers on:

BETA readers INC.

Jessica West Savage. Jessica is in the process of writing her first romance novel. She reads almost all genre’s. Some of her favourites being: Madeline Sheehan, Kristen Ashley, Shay Savage. She is looking for BETA readers to review her work, and offer feedback. If you like romance novels, you can find her on:

Toni Michelle. She enjoys reading fantasy/dystopian/paranormal genre’s but is open to other genre’s. Feel free to contact her on:

P.L Jones. Paula beta reads novels, and is looking for a critique partner in which to swap manuscripts and offer each other feedback.  Free free to contact her on:

Her website is:

Alison J. Alison is a book reviewer, blogger and also beta reads manuscripts. She can be contacted on Facebook at:

Her blog is:

Louise Hands. Louise is a book reviewer, blogger and also beta reads manuscripts. She be be contacted on Facebook at:

Her website is:

Kristin Hoepfl. Kristin beta reads novels, and can be contacted on Facebook at:


Highly experienced BETA readers offering editing, proofreading, critique for payment.,

Helen Stothard. Helen is a book reviewer and runs Kinky Book Klub, so you can check out some of her reviews on there. Helen has several years of experience in publishing. She works with proofreaders and editors. For pricing queries, please contact Helen on her website.

Please note that authors choosing BETA readers/ authors on this page, it is your OWN responsibility. 


3 Responses to Beta Readers

  1. This is a great idea! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. I would be both interested in being a beta reader as well as an author 🙂

  2. glamorousbooks says:

    Hi Carol, do you have an email address I can contact you on at all? x

  3. My God…I can’t believe I never got this message…my email address is on blog menu under author/ contact me …Hope you’re having a great weekend. 🙂

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