JD Stockholm

JD Stockholm

Non fiction author. Check out the blog below:- http://www.jdstockholm.com

1.Can you share a little of your book with us? Of course. An excerpt – This is pretty much how it is written throughout, although he does age and I hope that can be seen in the young boys voice. I wanted to write it this way, I wanted to really show people. My dad says I can play with my truck tent downstairs. But I don’t be allowed to make a mess. That makes my mum mad. Then she shouts lots of times because she has to clean more and more. “And you know what she is like when she gets mad,” my dad says and he does the eye thing. Maybe they will fall away inside his head when he makes them roll back. I try to make my eyes roll away. But I don’t be able to. I don’t even be able to make them cross-eyed. My Nan says I got to follow my finger. I do it. But my eyes don’t ever go across. My Nan can do it. She puts her pretend teeth out and makes her eyes cross. Mr. Ted can’t do it either. Me and Mr. Ted try to make Sheba do it. But she doesn’t look at my finger. I get Mr. Ted and make him do it. But then she tries to bite him. I pull Mr. Ted away all fast. Then she doesn’t eat him. I get him away fast like Superman. Then I put my finger at her. I tell her no. “No Sheba, you don’t ever, ever bite Mr. Ted.”

2.What was the hardest part of writing your book? The end of book one was the hardest, I could feel what I was writing, I broke down so many times I had to walk away and keep coming back to it. I could never proof read that part either.

3.Do you have a writing space/place? My desk in the corner of the lounge really. More like an explosion of books with a pc in the middle. I also like to write everything by hand first so I have this massive stack of spiral notebooks.

4.Physical book or e-book? They are available both ways.

5.What made you take the self-publishing/traditional publishing route? I wanted control over my words. I didn’t want someone coming along and saying, no change this, this will read better if you do this and this. It wasn’t fiction, so I wanted it as it was.

6.Name 5 uses of a stapler without staple pins? A stress toy, to hold in your hand and click, annoys work colleagues no end. Paper weight. Makes for a good toy when you’re bored, rolling things down it. Good for squashing your fingers inside for something to do. Good for tapping when thinking new plot ideas.

7.If you could become a superhero, what power would you possess? I’d be Wolverine and have awesome claws.

8.Do you have another book coming out? If so, please share? I’m working on some fiction right now. Of course Scars is an ongoing thing and is available free on wattpad too. But my fiction is about a man, struggling to come to terms with a tragedy in his life, but its making him mentally ill, and he’s bordering on schizophrenic, so his reality is a little broken as well as his heart.

9.Who designs your cover(s)? Me.

10.Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Just thank you. Thank you for all the support. Thank you for all the messages I get. Thank you for every time someone posts something on my wall, or in my email, it means more to me than they can ever know.



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