My Services




Advertise your book on my blog, in the banner, along with the book links  – ONLY £10.00 per month!


I am familiar with blogging, website building, HTML coding, and using images (not copyright protected) to create a website to your exact taste. You can either send me examples of the style you’re after, or I can send you template samples.

Please note, the host I use is free, therefore if is up to you, after the website is created if you want to purchase the domain name.

My rates for website building is a one-off payment of £50.00.


Promote your book every day, consecutive days, for a week or longer, on various different book blogs. The bloggers will post your author picture, author bio, book synopsis, book cover and book links.

My fee for organising this tour is £10.00.


I am a Book Manager for authors at #Booktrope publishing. If you would like to work with me, please feel free to email me at

In respect of this role, I will spread the word about your book, and ensure that it’s the best it can possibly be. I will arrange author interviews, cover reveals, book reviews, blog tours, and more.

NOTE TO AUTHORS: Booktrope is ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS! Send your manuscripts!




If you would like to appear in an author interview to promote your book, please email me, and I will send the questions. I will require an author bio, author photograph, and book cover pic.


I also review the following genres: Contemporary romance / fiction, chick-lit, erotica, thriller, non fiction.

You may email me the book blurb, and if it is something that I would be interested in reading, I will advise you of the same. I will also post a review on Amazon, this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and any other websites you desire, once read.

Whilst I would love to receive paperbacks (even signed) for my time and advertising, if this is not something you can do, I will accept e-Books / PDF / mobi formats.

Although I do not accept any money for taking the time to review books, feel free to offer some sort of reward, although this is not mandatory, of course. It doesn’t have to be big, and since authors make money from their books, reviews sell more books / spread awareness, I would love to receive something to offer readers in competitions / giveaway’s. If it is your book (even if just an eBook version), I will ensure that they post a review for you on blogs, social network sites, Amazon and other websites 🙂


The ability to work to very precise requirements and deadlines

Strong organisational skills

Excellent written skills

Self-starter, not afraid to brainstorm/propose new ideas

Well accustomed to various social media platforms

Cultivate online conversations and on social media websites

Knowledge of blogging, maintaining a website and HTML coding.

Ability to plan, assign, edit and write content

A creative flair

A keen approach to marketing and promotion

A huge passion for books.

The ability to promote books in a printed and online newspaper, whereby I have a column, going on over two years. (The newspaper statistics online alone are 30,000 views and over, of which the statistics can be sent.)


Please email me at, and I will return to you almost immediately. I accept payment through Paypal.  CV AND CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.



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  1. Interesting and versatile site.

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