Red Tide – Gene Ayres

The Red Tide

Review: An abandoned research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Five dead marine scientists who were tracking a furtive tanker for offshore dumping. While Government agencies squabble over jurisdiction for the killings no one is taking responsibility for the tanker. That unwanted task falls at last to Tony Lowell: a pot-smoking environmentalist and private investigator who knows the Gulf and knows how to sail. Lowell is laid back as only a former Navy SEAL-turned hippy can be: a nonconformist who refuses to carry a gun. But he is now the last man left with skills and knowledge of the Gulf who is willing to face an unknown terror at sea and prevent a global environmental catastrophe.

Blurb: Just finished the Red Tide. From the first page I was hooked on the author’s writing style. It’s insightful, captivating and witty. Tony Lowell is an interesting character, who’s assigned to investigate five murders, of which took place on a vessel on the gulf of Mexico. Tony believes there’s more to it than just an ocean-dumping spat. Landing himself in dangerous territory a few times, Tony wants to get to the bottom of it. Will he succeed and prevent a global environmental catastrophe? Or will those trying to cover something up get away with it? This book leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen. Tony is a cool character, one you definitely find yourself rooting for. I could just picture this book as a movie or TV series. Gene has a brilliant way with words – descriptive and realistic, to which you can tell a lot of research has gone into this. I learnt a lot more about the affect of ocean dumping along the way. The novel has some laugh-out-loud dialogue, when Tony shows his witty side.  I’m curious to see if Tony ends up with either Caitlin or Commander Deborah Lee Cheong. This novel can be read as a standalone, or part of the Tony Lowell mystery series.


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