Spice Book Review

Spice – Scarlet Smith


Blurb: Magazine writer Jess gets her latest freelance assignment – can anyone go from Vanilla to kinky in just fourteen days – and would they even want to?

Jess’ editor, Leyla wants to jump on the ‘mommy porn’ bandwagon, with a sexy blog, and she thinks Jess is just the girl to do it. Jess is given the List, which gives each sexy scenario and also the names and numbers of people who indulge in the weird and wonderful sex stuff, should she wish to ask their advice or expert opinion.

Jess’s latest freelance assignment is a “list” of sexy scenarios to try out. Her busy boyfriend Max is enthusiastic about the variety of sensual adventures. Until they reach the “threesome” option. Max is keen, but if they go too far will they risk everything?

Review: I was provided a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. The blurb caught my attention right away, unique and interesting. The magazine writer Jess has to go from vanilla to kinky in 14 days, her latest assignment. There are quite a few steamy scenes as you’d expect, and I particularly like the authenticity of these, down to the slightly awkward moments, and how they were feeling. Sexting, threesomes, home-made videos, toys, role play etc are only some of what you can expect to find in this book. Overall great read.


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